An important note: The Pilot Cohort: 2022 – 2024

One way of ensuring that the course you sign up for meets the standards for professional recognition is to look for accredited status.

In order to become an accredited course, a programme must run in its entirety at least once, after which the course provider can apply to have the process accredited by an appropriate professional body, this is position that we are currently in.

The training meets, and in some aspects exceeds the accreditation standards. Regardless of it being at the pilot stage, it will allow you to register as a qualified member with both the National Counselling Society and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (we have confirmed this with both).

  • Meets the Guided Learning Hours (GLH) required for professional recognition
  • Is 100% face to face training
  • Includes a 100 hour supervised placement (this is the learners responsibility to arrange)
  • Includes a personal therapy requirement
  • Is subject to quality assurance processes
  • Designed, administrated, and delivered by staff who are qualified Counsellors with significant professional experience
  • All teaching staff are qualified (minimum DTLLS) to prepare and deliver lessons to adult learners and facilitate learning

Our choice to be independent

It is important to note that the diploma we offer is independently designed and delivered; we have designed and choose to deliver our qualification this way because of the design freedom and improved accessibility that independence brings.

Our Bespoke Counselling Diploma

  • Is recognised by professional bodies
  • Meets all of the training standards set out by the profession
  • Cannot be used as academic credit towards future study (APL)
  • Vocational training, but not an academic qualification
  • A bespoke curriculum designed by us, tapping into our years of training counsellors
  • Co-produced in consultation with current trainees, recently qualified counsellors, and local placement providers
  • Lower overheads are reflected in the course fees, making the training more accessible

An Academic Counselling Diploma

  • Is recognised by professional bodies
  • Meets all of the training standards set out by the profession
  • Can be used as academic credit toward future study (APL)
  • Leads to an academic qualification
  • A standardised curriculum designed by the awarding body
  • Typically larger group sizes (although this is dependent on the training provider’s policy)
  • Typically has additional registration and exam fees

If you would like more information or to discuss this further, please feel free to reach out and email us.