Share your experiences; become a Long Valley advocate

Our referral programme is open to any current or past students who have trained with our academic team.

How it works

Our referral programme enables current or past students to recommend our training centre based on their own experiences.

Rather than filling the pockets of big-tech, we would prefer to pass on our marketing budget to individuals who have a legitimate reason to promote our training courses.

If you are accepted onto the programme, you will be provided with a unique referral code that when included on a new student’s application form, will mean you are compensated.

Compensation structure & rules

The compensation that you receive will be dependent on the programme that the applicant signs up for.

  • You must be a registered advocate and compensation cannot be claimed retrospectively.
  • Applicants cannot be existing or returning students.
  • Compensation is limited to one claim per applicant and will only be applied to the first course that they sign up for.
  • The applicant must enrol and maintain their registration for no less than one academic term, and their tuition fee payments must be up to date.
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