The Scope of Practice and Education (SCoPEd) framework is a collaborative effort among several professional bodies that represent a significant number of counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. The objective of SCoPEd is to provide a comprehensive overview of the training and practice standards for counselling and psychotherapy, with the goal of establishing a standardised set of criteria that both professionals and the public can use.

How will this impact the training that we offer?

At this point, it is challenging to predict the impact that the SCoPEd framework may have on future training. As the framework is still in development and likely to be updated before final publication, it is difficult to know exactly what changes may be necessary.

However, since the framework is based on the existing training provisions, we anticipate that any changes to our future training programs will be minor. We remain committed to providing high-quality training experiences that prepare our trainees for successful careers in counselling and psychotherapy, and we will continue to monitor the development of the SCoPEd framework to ensure that our training programs are in line with industry standards and best practices.

We are busy absorbing the framework (as it currently stands) and synchronising our existing programmes to match the criteria, so that when the framework is eventually finalised, we will be able to offer our trainees confidence in our services, knowing that our core training is SCoPEd compliant.

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