Long Valley Therapy Training was founded by Nick Langley and is the culmination of many years experience in the counsellor training sector. Having worked in both the further education and private training sector, Nick finally reached the conclusion that counsellor training deserves a bespoke and tailored approach which is often not possible within the confines of awarding body frameworks. All of the training programmes at Long Valley Therapy Training are designed in-house and templates are avoided, drawing instead from the wealth of experience that the team has accumulated over the years.

Our training ethos

An effective training centre will always be underpinned by a strong training ethos, philosophy and set of values:

Our overarching philosophy

We believe that counsellor training services plays a key role in the future of counselling and psychotherapy practice and that it is the responsibility of the centre to provide a high quality, relevant and forward facing training experience.

A strong theoretical foundation is important to us and critical philosophical exploration of why and how our trainees conduct themselves is equally so.

In terms of teaching staff, all members of our team have been selected because they are passionate, experienced and qualified in teaching and learning AND Counselling/Psychotherapy. Teaching is highly skilled profession and we do not work counselling tutors unless they hold a teaching qualification.

Our core teaching values/beliefs

  • Opportunities to develop personal awareness and engage in self development are vital and should be integrated throughout.
  • Every learner is wonderfully individual and deserves our flexibility; we value our trainees feedback, questions and contributions.
  • Networking and collaboration with placement providers and local counsellors/therapists is essential.
  • Criticality is vital in Counselling and Psychotherapy practice
About the Owner

Nick Langley

Nick has been working within the counselling sector since 2012 and is a senior accredited counsellor with the National Counselling Society. Nick originally trained as an integrative counsellor, however, over the years he has developed a particular interest in existential and nature-based models of therapy.

Nick’s highest qualifications are:

  • MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice – pass with distinction
  • NCS Specialist Training in Counselling Supervision
  • L5 Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Sector (DTLLS)


The Wild Space Kent Project

A collaborative, eco-centric project offering nature-based therapy, training & workshops.

Nick is a co-founder and he is actively involved in delivering the project’s  aims: bring the people of Kent closer to their wild roots and more closely in tune with the natural world.