If you’re not quite ready for the core training, the integrated counsellor training programme run by Elaine Caswell Therapy is the perfect first-step.

This course is suitable for all applicants (18+) and no previous experience is required; it provides the perfect entry point into the training process.


Applications for Sep 2024  are now open!

Our Advanced Diploma in Counselling is two-year diploma that meets the membership requirements of key professional membership bodies in the UK.

It includes a professional placement, weekly lessons and provides you with the skills and theory needed to begin working as a Counsellor.


Applications for Sep 2024  are now open!

The Diploma in Clinical and Developmental Supervision is designed and delivered by our senior accredited staff.

The programme provides established professionals with the skills, theory and experience needed to work as clinical supervisors.


Applications for Sep 2024  are now open!

Our Training Ethos

We believe that an effective training centre will always be underpinned by a strong training ethos, philosophy and set of values:

Our overarching philosophy

At Long Valley Therapy Training, we believe that high-quality counsellor training services are crucial for the future of counselling and psychotherapy practice. We are committed to providing a relevant, forward-facing training experience that equips our trainees with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed in their careers.

We place a strong emphasis on building a solid theoretical foundation and we are committed to exploring the philosophical underpinnings of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Our aim is to ensure that our trainees are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the theory, philosophy and practical application of counselling and psychotherapy.

We believe that teaching is a highly skilled profession and we only work with counselling tutors who hold a teaching qualification. By doing so, we ensure that our trainees receive the highest quality instruction and support throughout their training journey. We also believe that non-teaching staff need to be equaly skilled and we look for suitable qualifications in all other roles, such as process group lead, teaching assistants etc.

Our core teaching values/beliefs

  • Opportunities to develop self-awareness and engage in personal development are vital to becoming an effective Counsellor and should be integrated throughout the training process.
  • Every learner is wonderfully individual and deserves our flexibility; we value our trainees feedback, questions and contributions.
  • We strongly believe in diversity affirming practice and encourage a culture of acceptance throughout and beyond our training provision.
  • To ensure the future success of our learners, we believe that networking and collaboration with the existing community of counsellors/therapists is essential, and we do as much as we can.
  • As established professionals, we understand that criticality is vital in Counselling and Psychotherapy practice. This is baked into our training and we actively encourage critical discussion and debate at all levels.


‘I have really enjoyed my learning with Long Valley Therapy Training. Nick and Elaine have created a safe and nurturing environment where I’ve been able to grow and develop both as a person and a trainee counsellor.

The course leaders have been engaging, flexible, and responsive. There is always time and space to ask questions, to explore specific areas of interest in more depth, and to try different approaches to learning.

The support of the group has been indispensable over the last year. I’ve felt supported and challenged in the best way. It has been a lot of fun too.

I highly recommend Long Valley Therapy Training to any future trainees!’

August 2023

‘When doing a counselling course it is important to know you are going on your own growth journey, it can be tough, liberating, exciting and daunting all at once. But I would not have done it with anyone else.

Nick and Elaine were supportive beyond their need. I felt held and equally was given the space I needed to grow as a person and a practitioner. As an adult learner I was a little scared going back to the classroom, there was no need. They really care about you as a person and are passionate about what they do!

If you’re thinking of going anywhere else don’t!

Zena, the process group therapist is also a caring nurturing person that will want the best for you. I really recommend this course as it has more than academic value.’

August 2023


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